Use the steps below to help you adding/modifying assingments for your classes and to view reports needed to determine your students' growth and progress throughout the year.

Classes: Class Manager

Existing Classes:

You will find your classes listed under “Existing Classes” if they have been preset for you based on your “homeroom” or “class list” of students.

Add New Class:

However, you can create your own classes at the top of the page under the “Add New Class”
Enter a title for the new class and click – next
Leave it on “use school preferences”
Then click on “add users from grade level” to add the desired students from the specific grade levels
Place a check in the box next to their name for the students that you want in your class
Click “save & exit”
If you wish to add other users – click on properties to the right of your course name and proceed with adding users

Adding Assignments:

Click on the words “class page & assignments” found to the right of your class title under the “existing classes” section
Change class page activated to show “yes”
Leave “default for students” as yes and “block other material” as no
Click on “add assignment”
Assign beginning and ending dates for completing the assignment
Enter an Assignment Title
Additional information – may be directions for completing the assignment
Add other classes to this assignment – ex. If you are creating an assignment for a math class but you have 3 different classes – then you could add this assignment to all those classes at one time
Click on “add topics” to choose the topics to practice
Feel free to choose more than one within an assignment or one per assignment
Choose your “program” and “subject” level
Choose your topics
Click “select checked topics” at the bottom of the page
Change status to “activated” and click “update assignment”

School Stats

(for monitoring students’ progress)

Class Gradebook Report

(see overall scores and achievement by all)
Select the criteria you wish to see – Gradebook format (by subject, topic, etc)
Choose “your class” that you wish to see their progress
Select the program
View Report – it will open in a new window

Blue Ribbon Report

(view blue ribbons earned)
Select the desired class
Select the desired program
View Report studyislandblueribbon.JPG
  • If they have earned blue ribbons – click on the number of ribbons and then scroll down the next screen that opens until you see the ribbon; you can click on that ribbon to print a report for the student

Individual Student Report

(determine individual growth)
Select the desired class
Select the desired student
Select a program
Select a subject
View Report

Assignment Report

(determine completeness of a specific task from the overall group)
Select desired class
Select desired assignment
View Report

View Printable User List

(print student logins and passwords)
Click on “view printable users” at the top of the screen
A list of all students will appear
Choose your class from the drop down box at the top of the screen; default is all users
Print the list