Google Applications for Education
Northern Bedford School District has established a free account with Google under their Applications for Education program. A second website domain was purchased: to use for Google so that all students in grades 6-12 would have an email account for school purposes, online document creation and storage area, an online calendar, and a start page where they can easily access everything. To make things easier for the students and teachers to correspond back and forth, we added all teachers (Elem. , MS, HS) and staff to this domain as well.

This means that all staff has an account through Google that falls within the domain: This is a secondary work account that also provides you an online documents account and calendar that you may use as you wish. * If you already have a Gmail account that is still your account; this doesn’t replace it.

Google Applications: google_apps6464.jpg


o A free email account through Google that operates the same as a account. You can compose, reply, forward, create contacts, form groups, etc. the same as you can any other email program.

Google Docs Account

o Online version of word, excel, and PowerPoint without the Microsoft name and a few less features then you actually find in the real versions. However the online programs can be shared between a couple of people or a group of 10 and still work on the same file. It allows you to have one copy of a file, rather than a copy at home, work, in a co-workers email, etc. You can create a file online, download it and open it as a word document or PowerPoint presentation and still use it in regular MS Word. You can also upload a previously made document from those programs, as long as it is saved as a 97-2003 compatible file type.

Online Calendar

o You have an online calendar that allows you to create several different calendars and merge them together as you need or keep them all separate. You can also share the calendars with your students. For example: you could have different calendars for your different classes that could be shared with those students in the class and still have a calendar of your own. You could merge events on those calendars to see when assignments and tests are scheduled for the different classes. Grade levels could share a calendar and be able to see when other teachers are scheduling a test to help alleviate how many tests are in the same day or period of time.


o Each account can also create a webpage through google sites. This could be done individually or as a group for a club activity or a class project. Teacher accounts can also create a web page.

Webpage Addresses

Login Information

Your login name and password is the same as you use here at school and also the same for students.