Accelerated Reader

Created by Mark A. Hicks, Illustrator.
A supplemental reading program that encourages students to read books on their independent level and chosen based on their interest level. After they complete the reading of the book, they have a short discussion with their teacher before completing a quiz about that book that is entirely online. The students earn points for each book they read to help them reach classroom and/or school wide goals. Research has shown growth in students' interest in reading as well as comprehension and reading skills have improved based on students being able to read successfully and what they find interesting to them.

Student and Teacher Accounts

For the school year 2008-2009, all teachers and students in grades 3-5 have username and passwords for accessing hte site. The log in names are the same as what is usually used at school.

Helpful Hints

Accelerated Reader Handout.pdf

Creating AR Labels for Classroom Library.pdf